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Merla Massage

What can I expect at my first appointment with Bruce?

The first appointment is up to 90 minutes long.  A complete medical history, postural assessment and assessment of your  chief major complaint, 50-60 minutes hands on treatment, and stretching will be included.  Please understand that you will still be booking a 60 min appointment on the schedule, even though it may take longer. 

Women should wear regular bra and panties.   Men should wear regular underwear. 

I will be treating the issues in the order that brings about the best result for your problem. The 'unraveling process' may not make sense to you right at first, but I will explain as I go along to help educate you about this process and how it works.

This work is NOT like a relaxation massage at all. The application of pressure is firm and works along with you moving joints and muscles to stretch, open and untangle the muscles and fibers that are locked together.   You, the patient, are in control of how much pressure is used.  With guidance from me for movements during the treatment, you will learn the different sensations on what is a "good hurt" and what is not.  Never are you to feel bruised, beaten up or injured in any way.

I will also be teaching you how to maintain the work you accomplish between visits. I will give you "home work" of exercises to do to set the muscle and fascia memory into place, so that re-occurrence is minimal.  This requires some commitment on your part, and a willingness to participate in maintaining your own health.  

It is advised for you to set up two consecutive appointments, one week apart when you book your first appointment.  Too much time between first and second treatments is a waste of your money and time.  For the work to be successful, it needs to be reinforced.  If, however, you wish to cancel the second appointment, there is no problem with doing that with a 24hr notice.