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Merla Massage

Appointment Book

Welcome to our online booking center where our appointment book is always available to you.

Our appointments works on a Request and Approve system.

First you Request an appointment and we are notified.

Then we Approve your request and you will receive a Confirmation of Booking via email.

We are juggling both of our schedules out of one room.  Please DO NOT assume that you automatically have the appointment you request UNTIL you get your email confirmation. This will prevent awkward situations from happening.



Please leave a voice mail or text message on our phones.  We will then get back to you as soon as possible by phone or text to confirm that you can be seen.



Map to home office


  254 Park Circle South
  Rochester, NY 14623

 Please call Bruce or Ama with any questions or concerns.

Note: All New Patients please tell Bruce or Ama  if this is your first visit and allow for 90 minutes for your first appointment. You will still be scheduling a 60 min appointment on the calendar even though you will be seen for up to 90 minutes.

 If possible, it is best if you schedule TWO appointments, 7 to 10 days apart with Bruce. This will ensure the highest success.  You may ALWAYS cancel the second appointment if needed at no charge once you have been seen.

Please indicate in the NOTES whom you wish to see,
Either Bruce or Ama
(We share clients back and forth.)
You can also add other concerns you may have here as well.

Thank you.