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Answering your questions on therapy treatment


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to massage therapy, we understand that you might have some questions. We are confident thatwe have the answers to your inquiries.

Below are the answers to the questions that are most commonly asked about massage therapy treatment. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact me.



Question:"How will massage therapy benefit me?"



Answer: Finally, you can experience relief from muscular tension and pain. Along with that, you will be able to regain range of motion and balanced muscle function.

Question: "How often will I need treatments?"

Answer:Your body can let you know. Some people require only a few sessions to treat a specific problem, while others become regular users of massage therapy as both proactive and preventative healthcare. Massage can help maintain good muscle tone, flexibility, and help correct muscular injuries. A more indepth care plan will be gone over with you after your first initial visit with Bruce.

Question: "Which regions of my body get massaged?"

Answer: Bruce will ask you what you want to get out of the session. You will also be asked to describe any chronic problems that you are experiencing. This will determine the appropriate regions of your body that need attention.  It is not uncommon for first-time clients to be apprehensive with the personal nature of massage therapy. Most clients lose this apprehension within the first few minutes of treatment  Bruce is a trained professional who respects your feelings and goes out of his way to allow you to feel comfortable. Professional draping will always be performed and your body respected at all times



Question: "Will I experience muscle soreness following a massage therapy treatment?"



Answer: Most people report, and often experience significant relief from aches, pains and stress after their first session. However some people experience mild muscle soreness which may last a day or two. Once the soreness is gone, they often notice heightened energy levels and an increased range of motion.



Question:"Do you offer massage gift certificates?"



Answer: Yes we do! A therapeutic massage is a great way to show someone how much you care. For details please visit our gift certificate page.