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Merla Massage






Welcome to Merla Massage Website!

Hello!  We are Bruce and Ama Merla, Licensed Massage Therapists in the
Greater Rochester area for the past 20 years.

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Both Bruce and Ama are members of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professions (ABMP) and are in good standing. Professional level members meet specific eligibility requirements based on training. All members are required to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and strictly adhere to the ABMP Code of Ethics.


Please take a moment to read the information below.


Bruce is known as "The Fix-It Guy".... aka  "Miracle Max Merla"

He's the one people go to when all else has failed them. He specializes in finding out the root of the pain, and designs his treatment plan from there, to get rid of the problem once and for all. He uses Myofascial Release techniques from Tom Myers and Eric Dalton, two renown teachers of their trade, to help unravel complicated muscle and fascia tissues. By doing so, he encourages the body's tissues to realign into correct place and at the same time, release the toxins binding them together. He has helped many clients avoid having to have surgery on hips, back, neck, knees and feet. 

He has studied with these Masters in the massage field: 

 2015        Tom Myers                 Advanced Shoulder Complicated Injuries
                                                     The Knowing Hand- Advanced Practitioners
 2013        James Waslaski         Advanced 5Day Intensive Orthopedic Massage
 2012         Darrell Locket            Dynamic Stretching
 2009     James Waslaski         Upper&Lower Body:Complicated Pain Conditions
 2005        George Kousaleos    CORE Myofascial Release
 2003        Paul St. John             Cervical Injuries  and Neuromuscular Therapy1
 1999        Myk Hundgerford       Pre and Post Sports Event Massage
 1999        Beth Paris                  Intensive Trigger Point Therapy - Janet Travell



Ama is known for her Deep Relaxation massage and Phenomenal Touch.

She can ease pain, stiff joints and soothe the Soul with her combination of techniques she has learned throughout the years. A breast cancer and surgical reconstruction survivor, she "knows" what it means to have scar tissue and how to help release it. She leans more to the Eastern styles of healing and therapies in aiding her clients towards wellness. Using guided meditation, hot stones, warm towels, healing sounds and aromatherapy, combined with other techniques, she can ease you into a state of Bliss and help you guide your body into balanced wholeness with her gentle ways.

She has had training in these massage techniques:

2015       Advanced Shoulder Complicated Injuries - Tom Myers
2014       Instructor Certification -The Miracle Ball Method
2013       Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage
2013       Lymph Drainage Level I & II
2012       Oncology Massage
2009       Advanced Orthopedic Massage - James Waslaski
2008       Advanced Hot Stone Massage
2007       Phenomenal Touch Level I & II
2005       CORE Myofascial Release - George Kousaleos
2003       Cervical Injuries and Neuromuscular Therapy 1 - Paul St. John
1999       Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage Level I & II



TO Request an Appointment

Use our convenient online Appointment Book to schedule your session with Bruce. 


To schedule with Ama, Please call her directly at (585)415.4659.

 Address:     254 Park Circle, Rochester 14623


From the EAST:
Off of 590/390N heading towards Airport/U of R...

NEW!!     Take Exit 16B for Univ of R/West Henrietta Rd
                       Stay on the LEFT of exit ramp
Turn LEFT onto West Henrietta Rd. Proceed straight for two lights.
Turn RIGHT onto Crittenden Road. There is a Hot Spot/Yummy Garden Restaurant at that light.
Continue straight approximately 1 mile on Crittenden Rd. heading west.
Turn LEFT onto Park Circle.  It is a Dead End road in the shape of a J.
Go around the hook of the J and house is white cape cod on your left.
There is a U shaped flower garden on front lawn. 
Number 254 is on frame of porch.
Please park in front of garage allowing spaces for two cars.
Enter through red door and wait for one of us to come get you.
Please do not use outside stairs in winter.
                   Thank you.